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What is Included in a Good Chiropractic Treatment Plan for Shoulder Pain?

Effectively treating shoulder pain requires three things: An accurate evaluation, an effective treatment plan, and patient co-operation in implementing the plan. Here are a few things that can be expected for all of these steps:

Woman with shoulder pain needs chiropractic care.

The Evaluation

Exactly what an evaluation involves depends on which type of doctors is involved. At Atlantic Chiropractic & Rehab, you can expect the team to take x-rays and possibly an MRI to pin down the cause of your distress. Then, you'll meet with Dr. Santjer, who will feel your shoulder to directly detect anomalies in the joint. He may also feel your spine since some pains originate there instead of where it hurts.

The Treatment Plan

As you can expect, the treatment plan will depend on what is found during the evaluation. If the shoulder itself is the source of pain, bone manipulation will center on this part. You may also be prescribed therapeutic massage to loosen the ligaments and tendons, reduce muscle spasms, and promote faster healing. Finally, you can expect to be given exercises to do at home to help your strength and range of motion. This aspect of treatment often reduces pain as well.

If the problem is in your spine, it's likely from a herniated disc. These discs can press on the nerves around them, and the irritated nerves then send pain signals. Nerves, however, may make it seem as if the pain is coming from any point along their length. This can cause excruciating pain to be perceived in parts that are actually fine.

Treatment for herniated discs is similar to that used for other bony body parts, with the exception of the decompression table, or flexion/distraction table. This is a table that helps to relieve the pinched nerves in the spine. This is a table that leans you back until your head is pointed toward the ground. Gravity then works to heal your spine instead of making it even more compressed.

Patient Co-Operation

For most of your treatment, you won't have to actively do much. However, if you are prescribed an exercise program, you'll need to follow its instructions carefully. One of the biggest reasons that pain or stiffness returns in chiropractic situations are that the patients aren't doing their exercises. Avoid the urge to slack off and be sure to get those exercises done on the recommended schedule!

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