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Knee Injury Rehabilitation and Treatment in Chesapeake, VA

When you’re recovering from a knee injury, progress can’t come fast enough. Fortunately, chiropractic knee injury treatment from our chiropractor in Chesapeake, VA can help relieve your pain and restore proper function as quickly as possible. While you may only think of visiting a chiropractor when you’re experiencing back or neck pain, the chiropractic approach can be used to treat a wide range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, and that includes all types of knee injuries.

Woman with knee pain needs chiropractic care.

Types and Symptoms of Knee Injuries

Knee injuries generally result from a single traumatic event or from repetitive stress and overuse. Some of the most common knee injuries we see in our patients include bursitis, IT band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, osteoarthritis, patellar tendinitis, and meniscal tears. We also treat patients with damage to the soft tissues supporting the knee that result from car accidents or sports injuries.

In general, knee injuries cause symptoms that include pain, reduced range of motion, swelling, and weakness. In some cases, the pain may arise only when you engage in certain activities, while in others it may be constant. Movement is also accompanied by crunching or popping noises in certain situations, and you may be unable to fully flex or extend the joint.

Chiropractic Knee Injury Treatment in Chesapeake, VA

When you visit our Chesapeake VA clinic for chiropractic knee injury treatment, we’ll perform a comprehensive physical exam to determine the precise nature of your injury. We’ll also learn as much as we can about the progression of your symptoms so that we can come up with a personalized treatment plan.

While the specific techniques we use for you will vary depending on the nature of your injury, we commonly utilize a combination of chiropractic adjustments, both on the knee joint where appropriate and on the spine and other related joints. This is beneficial because misalignments in one part of your musculoskeletal system can lead to changes in the way you walk or in the amount of weight your knee is forced to bear, which can contribute to the worsening of your symptoms.

Even if a misalignment like this is not the direct cause of your knee injury, relieving the added pressure on the joint makes it easier for the damaged area to heal. We also commonly include various other techniques including massage therapy to help reduce inflammation in the soft tissues surrounding your knee and to promote circulation.

Benefits of the Chiropractic Approach

While chiropractic care certainly isn’t the only option for knee injury treatment, it has some unique benefits. Our holistic and non-invasive approach focuses on restoring function as quickly as possible while also providing effective treatments to help manage your pain without the use of prescription medications.

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